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Auto Care Services

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Make Sure Your Vehicle is Safe With an Inspection

Inspections to keep you on the road

  • Driver's license

  • Registration

  • Proof of insurance

Visit us or call us to learn more about our state inspection services.

New Jersey has faced several air quality alerts. State inspections are one of the steps to improve the quality of air.


If you are driving in New Jersey, your vehicle must pass the required emission inspection.


Visit us today for high-quality vehicle inspections to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive.


We are a licensed emission repair and inspection facility. You can count on us for quick and reliable inspections.

Vehicle inspection is very important for any vehicle that is out on the road. It ensures the safety of you, your vehicle, and everyone else while driving around. Let the highly experienced technicians at Undertoe Service Center inspect your vehicle and make sure that it is fully functional and safe to be on the road.